Fire Alarm Systems


At Draper Ltd Fire & Security, we provide specialist fire alarm installations across Kendal and the surrounding areas of Cumbria and Lancashire. Utilising the latest technology and equipment, we are able to install and maintain traditional, conventional fire alarm systems to ensure your property is fully protected against fires at all times. Draper offers full design, installation, commissioning and on going maintenance of fire alarm systems and fire protection services. We offer a complete range of fire protection products that cover new builds or upgrades of existing fire systems of any size.

We also offer a full Fire Risk Assessment service for any premise to find out more about what this entails click here.

Intelligent Fire Alarm Systems

Programmable text messages to identify the exact location of each field device. A feature rich fire alarm control panel constructed from high specification components to help both the installer and the end user.

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Traditional, Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

Control panels that provide a simple and reliable solution to the demands of today’s fire detection solutions. For use in small to medium commercial environments. Suitable for garages, retail units, shops, restaurants, doctor’s surgeries, public offices and nursery schools.

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VESDA Aspirating Systems

Very Early Smoke Detection Alarm monitors any signs of smoke particles. constantly monitoring the area at risk.

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Gas Suppression Systems

Full range of gaseous Fire Extiguishing Systems, designed for the protection of a variety of hazardous installations.

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Water Mist Systems

Ultra intelligent water mist fire suppression is non toxic and environmentally friendly. Available in high or low pressure systems that is simple to install and reduces post fire trauma.

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